Friday, September 08, 2006

Practicing Writing our Letters

We are working on five letters a day. This is an activity that we will do daily, with different mediums [crayons, markers, pencils, noodles, clay, yarn etc.], to keep the interest level fresh and exciting....My focus is for Emma Sage to develop a seamless knowledge of both upper and lower case letters to aide her in fluid writing as she grows.



Look at me, writing my letter D


Debra said...

What a cutie and I love her glasses. She is so intent on making those letters.

I look forward to watching you on this journey as we are thinking very much about this for Hope. I have bought Handwriting without tears for her alreay...I know it is early but we have already used it to help her with her handwriting and my other children.

Debra and Hope

mum2brady said...

Wonderful writing Miss ES :) And - I love her glasses too - so dang cute!

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into Emma Sage's homeschooling experience!