Friday, October 20, 2006

Teach Me.....

Emma Sage is so funny. She literally begs me all day long to 'homeschool' her. She wants to be learning, doing, creating or reading all the time.

We have been working on easy reader books and she is just loving 'reading'. She is not technically reading in the sense of fluid reading, but instead using her sight words, picture clues and after a few runs of the book, her amazing memory.

One book that I made for her this week is called 5 Little Pumpkins.

It is the classic childrens Halloween song/hand game, but in book form. Since Emma Sage knows the hand rhyme by heart, the reading of the words in the book comes like second nature. She must have read the book to each one of us at least 5X's each. [there are five of us in the family and two daily friends, so that means at least 35Xs......and she would have kept on going if we let her! lol!!!]

Here is a link to make your own 5 Little Pumpkins booklet.

I just printed the pages on regular paper and then used the laminator to laminate the pages, hole punched the edges and then we used 'black and orange' yarn to stich up the sides and make the book usuable.

The greatest thing about these types of books, is that it allows Emma Sage to really feel great about herself and her reading. There are times she gets frustrated and just shuts down and says "I"m not a good reader" ......or "I'm a bad reader" you can just imagine how this makes Momma feel to see her beating herself up over something she is just learning and in no way should she be a fluid reader at this point in Kindergarten.

5 Little Pumpkins...................Wooooooooo goes the wind and out goes the light!!!!