Saturday, December 09, 2006


One of the greatest ways to learn is to learn from playing.

Here is a fun game called 'ABSEAS'. It is from Discovery Toys and it is a magnetic fishing game, where you 'fish' out the ABC's which are shaped like different sea creatures. You match them on your game board.


Emma Sage loves playing this with our little daytime friends.


Beth said...

Hi Tara,

My name is Beth (from Not That You Asked blog) and I was also part of the Gifts project.

I have four kids--14,10, and 2-year-old twins,one with Down syndrome.

My oldest son and I tried a homeschooling experiment when he was in 4th grade because we were so profoundly unhappy with the experience he was having at school. I have come to believe in homeschooling as being a superior way to educate our children versus the institutionalized and impersonal public school route (this coming from a former public school teacher) but at the time, chose not to continue due to a variety of factors. We have since moved to a different location with better schools, so I have no current plans to take them out of a situation where both he and my daughter are happy and thriving.

What I am contemplating now is the idea of homeschooling from the beginning with the twins. I find myself both excited and terrified at the prospect of it.

Can you tell me more about your experience of homeschooling your daughter with Down syndrome and about the resources you have found helpful? Also, did Emma Sage take part in early intervention or developmental public preschool?
These decisions will need to be made for us in the coming months.

I don't like the idea of sending Jude off ot public school. I know that they can't possibly do his education justice. And who loves him more or has more at stake with the quality and focus of his education than I do?

One more thing: how do you think it would work to homeschool both boys? Wouldn't Jude need so much extra attention and repetition that it would make it difficult for me to give Simon the time and attention he needs?
Just some things I'm pondering. Sorry such a long post!
Feel free to email me at

Thanks Tara Marie!

Kari said...

We have this game isn't it great! It is one of Chanelle's favorites.