Friday, September 08, 2006

Circle Time

One of the most important aspects of schooling and child development is Circle Time. For me, I believe one of the saddest things about Emma Sage no longer being in a bigger group school setting is the missing out of 'Circle Time' with a larger group of peers, as children learn so much from this social setting. We do Circle Time at home, and we are blessed to have other friends in our home daily, so our Circle Time is a group of four. But I have put into place weekly activities that provide Emma Sage with group working in a bit larger scale.

She is signed up for Daisy Girl Scouts [the greatest of Circle of Friendship Time, I do believe] but are awaiting our troup details and day of our meetings

On Wednesdays she has her 5 to 7 year old Ballet & Tap Class. We are at a new school, Broadway Bound, this year and Emma Sage is so delighted to be going to such an amazing school. I sent them a letter ahead of time [on the recommendation of a family in our community whose little girl with T21 has been dancing at this school for the last four years and they have only high praise for the director and school]. I sent them a link to Emma Sage's blog and I got the most heartwarming response and a school that had open arms for my little girl and when we went to visit the school and register, she was just adored by all there. Her recital is on June 16, 2007, so mark your calendars!!!

On Friday afternoons, we will attend the local library 5 year old Story Hour, which includes many Circle Time activities.

Sunday School.......... ~ Emma Sage will get group instruction at our local church's Sunday School program.

I hope to include our daily Circle Time activities everyday, as this is one of my most [and the children's] favorite parts of the day.


mum2brady said...

What a wonderful set of activities you have planned for your Little Miss. I know she will brighten each activity with her darling personality, they will be blessed to have her :)