Friday, September 08, 2006

Weekly Circle Time Song

Since Autumn is quickly approaching, our focus will be on this spectacular season.

Our first song is as follows:

Scamper like a squirrel.
March like a gnome.
Fly like a bird when he soars to his home.
Stand Straight and tall,
Rooted like a tree.
Stretch to the sun,
Then shake hands with me!


Kris said...

This is so wonderful Tara Marie! Emma Sage can do so many wonderful things at her age. I read your other blog and your mommy brags and you sould be so proud of yourself and your daughter.

I really look forward to seeing what you are doing with Emma Sage and how. I follow so much of what you do and develop curriculum for Jennifer - your suggestions and methods are priceless.

I so look forward to watching this board! I would love to read about your counting and math curriculum. We count etc., but as far as math activities, I would like to start some of the basic stuff.

Your daughter is so beautiful, smart and blessed to have you as her mom!

Love ya,

Belen said...

Hi there Birthday buddy!!! You and Emma Sage will have an awesome year of homeschooling or should I say life since it is more than just teaching at a set time everyday.....I look foward to reading your blog as you inspire me! You are so creative and love your positive outlook! BTW can you post some activities for math? LOL I am thinking of buying Touch Math for Reece wanted your opinions of it. My email is WOODCHAT1@AOL.COM



mum2brady said...

What a great song :) Could you video it so we can know the tune :) Brady and I can do virtual school with Emma Sage :) How fun!!!