Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm trying to figure out how to work this....

I am trying to figure out how to work this blog, for our own record of our Journey Educating Emma Sage, for her progress and to share all the wonderful information, tools and ideas we come across. So until then, I think I will do a Friday night recap of our week [and hopefully as life settles a bit, more of a day-to-day update] and then on Sunday nights I would like to make an entry of our upcoming weekly lesson plans and activities.

This week has truly been wonderful teaching wise.....Emma Sage adores learning and thinks it is so cool that she is 'homeschooled' as she has been telling everyone.

One funny thing that happened this week is that the book that we have been using for our writing and letter practice is almost completed....yes, completed. This little girl is in love with writing and wanted to do more and more. I had planned on working on 5 letters a day, but at the five point she just wants to keep on going and one day she spent the longest time from M to Z finishing all of the work sheet activities. Her tracing of the dashed letters is going well....Emma Sage has good fine motor skills and can trace wonderfully. Her independant writing on the work pages [where you have the first letter dashed and then you complete as many more as you can along the line is really improving].

Since our focus over the next two weeks is our letters and numbers, writing them, reciting them when we present them to her and working on their various sounds is going well. One fun game we have been playing is a 'Clifford' alphabet BINGO game, which presents both upper and lower case letters. Emma Sage adores this game and we play it many, many times a day [yes, Momma is a bit tired of this game, but she loves it so and each time we play she gets faster and of coarse you know what I am doing......playing BINGO!]


Christi said...

Clifford Alphabet bingo sounds like something Veronica would love. Is it a game from the store or a print out?


Tammy and Parker said...

I've been meaning to share a great resource with you ever since I saw your picture of Emma Sage and the dry ice experience.

The book is Terrific Opportunities for Young Scientists. It has many, many, many (the book is HUGE) science experiences for kids to use to discover and explore.

If you are interested I could copy a few for you and send them out. A girl can't have too many opportunities to make Science come alive!